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Positive parenting is a lifestyle. It is a way of life that guarantees long term happiness to parents and children. But what constitutes this happiness? Simple. Just two things - love and respect. Those are the two main essential ingredients of positive parenting. 

It may sound simple, but in reality, it is actually more complicated than that. 


Consider this: One day you're back from work tired, you walked into the living room, and accidentally stepped on a piece of Lego. From afar, your child saw you coming home, he got so excited, he started running towards you. But before you know it, you got angry and yelled at him. He then started crying. Out of frustration, you shouted, "Stop Crying Now!" 

Sounds familiar? Every parent is guilty of having done this more often than they know it. But in situations like this, how are we supposed to handle it? What should we do? This is where Positive Parenting comes into the picture. 


Being a positive parent is the best way to raise happier and positive kids. Children look up to their parents as Heroes and as someone who can guide them through this negative critical world. Discipline them with love, respect, and kindness. Be a positive role model is the best thing you can do for your children today. 


In this fast-changing world, the days of traditional fear-based parenting are long gone. With the introduction of internets and technologies, parents today are so lucky to be surrounded by parenting articles, podcasts, online courses, and books. Unlike the old times, parents have limited excess to parenting resources, except to learn from their parents. But those times have changed, we are a generation with growth-mindset and is the time we come together to steer Asian parenting towards a better direction - the Positive direction.

Hop on this Positive Parenting journey and I guarantee you, parents, you will be raising happier and stronger kids in no time! 

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