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Fun with Imagination


Parents have the presumption that getting good grades and a prestigious job will get children far in life. But that's not all true. It is the values and character of a person that will help children progress in life. 

The next question is how can you raise children with good values? Simple. Children learn from their environment, from what they see, hear and experience. So if parents practice and model good values, children will do too.


Below are some tips to help you raise kind, resilient, confident, and most importantly self-regulated kids. 


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How often do you praise your child? Parents often ask how to praise children when all they see are the wrongs and not the rights. But do you know, every child craves for parents' positive attention...

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How you model yourself in front of children is the version they become. The positive characteristics and values you hope for children to achieve come from you. As children growing up...

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One question, should I let my child fail, or should I help them get through it? The answer is yes and yes. It would be best if you let your child fail FIRST, and THEN help them get through it by THEMSELVES...


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Fun with Imagination

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