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Communication plays an active role in our lives. We communicate every day, be it verbal or non-verbal, we are always interacting. But, with children, on the other hand, can be a little tricky. As children's brain is not fully developed until age 25, the brain's neural pathway and rational thinking are very susceptible to the influence of the environment. Therefore, parents and the surrounding learning condition for children is important for their brain growth. 

Our words and actions to children are like water and fertilizer for plants. A healthy amount of nutrients will help a plant grow. But without those, the plant will wilt. Same applies to children. When parents use positive communication and model good actions, children grow positively. But when parents use negative language ("stupid", "you're not good enough", "I'll hit you") and model bad behaviours (yelling, hitting), children will imitate and act negatively too. How you interact with your child matters. Below are some tips to communicate positively. (see: The negative effect of strict parenting)  



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Positive communication is a type of expression that speaks love and kindness. It means emphasizing mutual respect and understanding between parents and children.

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How parents interact with children serves as a learning baseline and foundation of all future relationships. Children see and learn through their parents.

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In positive communication, besides speaking with kindness, mindful talking is equally just as important. With overly busy schedules and stress, sometimes parents unconsciously say things that may hurt children. 

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Active listening is all about giving full attention and respect to the speaker. This is one of the hardest parts of positive communication. 


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