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Discipline is no easy task for parents. But don't worry, you got this. You will learn how to manage your child's behavior effectively and positively with these tips below.

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Child discipline is probably the most stressful and tedious part of parenting. All children, no matter what their age is, misbehaves one way or another. It is part of growing up and learning what is right and wrong. But this often leave parents feeling frustrated and disappointed. Discipline should not be this way. Discipline can be a positive experience for your family too. Here's how.


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When we talk about discipline, punishment comes into the picture because both seem to be similar to one another. But what if I tell you discipline and punishment are two separate entities? 

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Strict parenting, also known as fear-based parenting, uses threatening statements, negative remarks and physical punishment to discipline children. This parenting style, sad to say, is the most popular and widely used method in Asia.

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Discipline is about guiding and teaching self-control, not punishing to gain obedience. You want your child to be able to lead a self-fulfilling life, making the right decisions for themselves and have a positive outlook about their future. 


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