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Kids with Capes
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Children, like adults, besides experiencing basic emotions like sadness, anger, and happiness, children experience complex emotions like jealousy and grief too.

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For children, developing self-awareness, and self-control are not something innate and natural. Children are not born with the ability to do that and they need someone they can trust to teach and guide them through those emotional journeys.

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Emotions play a big part in everyone's lives. Emotions are what make us human, as it tells us what we are feeling and how we react to different situations.

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Everyone has emotions, but everyone expresses emotions differently. Some use violence to cope with anger, while others use calming strategies to manage anger.


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In the past decade, studies have pointed out the significance of emotional intelligence (EQ) and how it is more important than intellectual and academic intelligence (IQ). Researches also noted that children with higher emotional intelligence tend to strive better in human relationships, have healthier physical and mental wellbeing, and experience greater life satisfaction. 

A person's emotional intelligence stems from their early childhood attachment and experiences with their parents. Below are some tips to help you raise a healthy and happy child. 


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