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Happy Mother with her Child



Dear mothers, because of your hard work and commitment to your family, I want to applaud you for being here today. Your wellbeing should be your utmost priority, more than anything else. I want to remind you that a healthy and happy mom will raise a healthy and happy family, not the other way round.


Whether you are a working mom or a stay-at-home mom, you should prioritize you. Being a mom, from pregnancy to childbirth to child-rearing, all these can be overwhelming for you. I know your kids are everything but that doesn't mean you should put your needs aside and only focus on them. I'm going to give you some self-care tips to promote your wellbeing. 

1. Allocate 'Me' time 

Having kids doesn't mean you have to put them first all the time. It is okay to prioritise yourself once in a while. Schedule 'me' time at least twice a week where you can enjoy your own company and doing things you love. Take up that hobby you always wanted to try or going to the spa for some massage and facial, whichever works for you. Discuss with your partner if he/she can look after the kids during this time. Be sure to have a mutually agreed time and day for your 'me' time to avoid any unwanted misunderstandings and stress in the family. 

2. Take a hot bath/shower

After a long day with work and kids, pamper yourself to a nice hot bath. It will help detox your body, release tension in your muscles, and give you a relaxing feeling.

3. It is okay to take-out

If you are constantly stressing out on what to cook for your family, don't be. It is okay to order in pizzas or Mcdonald's. Going out for a nice meal on a weekday night is perfectly cool too. 

4. A break from the norm 

Sometimes it is okay to step out of your routine. Instead of washing the dishes after dinner, you can turn on the music and have a dance-off with your family. Instead of rushing your kids with homework and chores, you can take some time off to just sit and chit chat with them. Remember, life is not about schedules and datelines - is about connection and engagement with the ones we love. 

5. It is okay to not be okay

There is no such thing as a perfect mom and you don't have to pressure yourself to be one. It is okay if your family eats unhealthy sometimes. It is okay to slack off and just relax. It is okay to feel down sometimes. It is okay to sleep in on weekends. Remember, it is okay to not be okay. 

6. Be social and reach out 

We are all social beings. That's why every now and then, go meet with your friends or family, to connect over lunch or dinner. If you're feeling overwhelmed and stress, it is okay to reach out for support and help. Don't be afraid to talk to your partner, friends or family about your feelings. Consider joining a support group for moms. You don't have to feel alone in this parenting journey.

7. Be mindful and positive 

Wellbeing is not just physical health, but also emotional and mental health too.

Keep a positive state of mind, and focus on the present moment. You can engage in relaxing and calming activities like meditation or listening to soft music before you go to bed. 



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Parental Wellbeing Checklist

Do I feel happy and grateful for my life and my family?


Do I have time to do the things I enjoy?


Do I have someone I can talk to about my feelings or problems?


Do I have time to relax and be calm?


Do I make time for laughs and fun with my family?


Do I get enough sleep and exercise regularly?


Do I get to have quiet time to myself?


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