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Family Walking On the Beach

Communication is the key to a happy family. The quality of communication gives an impact on children's quality of life. Interaction with your children does not have to be static and tense, it can be fun and rewarding. Be a parent that promotes positive and healthy communication style in your family. 

Mother and Baby

Asian parents often confused with the term discipline and punishment. Although it is widely seen to be associated with one another, the truth is they are not. Discipline can be positive too. Parents are encouraged to discipline their children with love and kindness, not through punishment.

Happy Twins

Negative emotions do not have to be an embarrassment. Being aware of one's mental state is important. Educate children about positive and negative emotions. Let them know it is okay for them to feel those emotions. Guide them with the appropriate way of coping with those feelings. 

Fun with Imagination

Children need parents as their primary moral guide in this challenging world. Good values and principles are learned through parents. Show and model them the how to's in character building.

Couple Meditating

Parents, your wellbeing and health are equally as important as your children's. Your state of mind plays a big role in positive parenting. Don't neglect yourself. Sometimes, it is okay to put yourself first. 

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