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In Positive Parenting Asia, we believe that family involvement and parental guidance is vital in an ASD intervention process. Unlike any other interventions, rather than focusing on performance demand and results, RDI focuses on the guiding relationship between parents and children. This relationship serves as the central foundation of the ASD remediation process. 

The RDI remediation process focuses on five main core deficits of ASD. Stay with me while I'll explain more below.

What is Relationship Development Intervention (RDI)?

RDI® is a program for parents. It is a family-based intervention where remediation takes place in a naturalistic environment. We believe that children learn best through meaningful connection with parents, not through therapists or psychologists or teachers, but you. The goal of this program is for parents to guide children in making lasting relationships and lifelong changes to improve quality of life. 


The question is, how?


In RDI, we help parents to regain competency and confidence in guiding children through their day to day interactions. We coach parents on...


1. How to build and improve a child's dynamic intelligence

2. How to strengthen parent-child engagement and connection


3. How to increase motivation to grow dynamically and problem solve in this complex world

All these goals are embedded in daily routines and activities set by the parents. With the guidance of an RDI consultant, parents will learn to re-evaluate and readjust their daily lifestyle and restructure routine activities for the child's mental growth. The RDI program curriculum is customised and personalised accordingly to suit parents' time and style, so any parent can learn how to become an effective guide at their own pace.


To learn more about this service, we offer free RDI initial screening for first-time parents. Click here to find out how.

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