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10 Fun Activities this Summer

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

School holiday is here! You must be sighing because your kids are going to be home all day and you ran out of ideas to keep them occupied. Holiday is all about spending time together as a family, not studying or catching up on school work, certainly not giving them more time staring at screens too! Instead of feeding them with books and unlimited screen time, why not do some fun activities together this holiday? Is the best time to bond with your children and get to know them a little better.

I've curated different activities for various age groups. So moms and dads, relax and have some fun! :)

Age 2-7

1. Outdoor Bubbles

Let's take bubbles outside! Instead of the regular tiny bubble wand, make it big! Make a

giant bubble wand! Trust me kids love this!

2. Water Balloon

Kids love some water action. Parents, don't be afraid to get all drenched! Throw water balloons at each other! Even have a dodgeball competition while you're at it!

3. Build an Indoor Fort

Find any used duvet cover or sheet, tie them up into a fort! Gather up all the pillows in the

house and put it into the fort. Light it up with torchlight and read stories together!

Age 7-12

1. Plant a new plant

Go on a field trip to pick flowers and bring it back home to plant it. Children also get the

chance to learn how to soil and water it. Is the perfect time to learn about responsibility

and how to care for a plant!

2. Baking

Nothing works better than food. Bake your child's favourite cookies or pastries together.

Decorate them with silly designs and laugh about it!

3. Hiking

In Asia, 80% of the time, our children spent time indoor with screens. Is time to get those

butts out of the house and be near to nature. Go for a hike or a nature walk, and take in

some fresh air!

Age 12 and above

1. Picnic

This is by far my favourite! Everyone loves a good and fun picnic, no matter how old they

get. With teenagers being busy all the time, is good to plan this ahead. Set a time

and day, and let's go picnic! Discuss and plan about the food, drinks and activities

together. Teamwork! And make sure no one gets left behind!

2. Go on a Vacation

Moms and dads, I'm sure you'll need some time off from work too. This is the best time to

get everyone and hop on the plane! Go somewhere you have never been before and

explore this new place together as a family.

3. Board Games

Kids nowadays play board games on the iPad. What is the fun of that! Board games are

created to be played together as a team and school holiday is the perfect time for that. Sit

everyone down at the table, bring out those board games you have been hiding in the

store room and relive those pre-screen days!

4. Go on a Photography Trip

Don't worry, there's no need to buy cameras for your children. Our phone camera is good

enough :D Teenagers today spent averagely 9 hours on screen, and that is a lot! So why

not take this opportunity and use those screen time doing something fun together.

Go on a street photography tour, and take photos of your city. Discuss about the photos together and what everyone has learned. You'll be surprised on the things you capture and learn to appreciate the things around you more.

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