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5 Fun Family Activities this Christmas

With the COVID-19 pandemic, Christmas this year is definitely going to be different. The most anticipated year-end travel plans have to be cancelled, and families are stuck at home. But that doesn't mean Christmas is cancelled too. How do we make our holiday more productive and fun this year for ourselves and our children? Here are 5 different yet fun activities you can do with your kids this December.

1 Make the most interesting hot cocoa

Instead of having ordinary hot cocoa this Christmas, why not spice it up and make it enjoyable this year? Add in some marshmallows, caramel, chocolate bars, and whipped cream! You can even do hot cocoa tasting game with your kids. This can promote experience sharing and social thinking skills in children too!

2 - Have a Christmas Craft Day

Every year we see families baking Christmas cookies and gingerbread man. How about doing something a little different this year? Set a day in your December calendar to host a Christmas craft day with your family. You can use simple things at home like popsicle sticks and toilet paper roll to make cute and fun arts and craft with the kids!

Here are some Christmas craft links to help kickstart this fun activity!

I bet kids are going to love it! Have fun!

3 - Make special Christmas goodie bags

Making Christmas goodie bags with the kids can be fun! Let them join in and help you with sorting candies and gifts into different bags for their friends and families. You can even have them add in personalised greeting notes too. It's the perfect time to teach gratitude to our kids.

4 - Sleep under the Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree is up, and presents are nicely put under the tree. Then what? Why not make use of this ambience and have a 'sleep under the tree night' with the kids? Bring out all the duvets and pillows, place it near the Christmas tree and have a cosy jolly night with your family under the dazzling lights. Everyone can even put on matching pyjamas and funky socks for fun!

5 - Have a Christmas Game Night

While getting all cosy and comfy under the Christmas tree, let's have a Christmas game night too! Games like Jenga, Uno cards and Monopoly are great activities for the family. Through games, kids can learn how to build a better family relationship with one another.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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