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5 Ways to Keep Your Sane at Home during this Pandemic Lockdown

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

With kids at home 24/7 during this period can be stressful and tiring for parents. You have to work, cook, feed, bathe the kids, and it is slowly driving you nuts. How do you keep sane while juggling everything at home? Here are five ways to help you save your sanity during this lockdown.

1. Set Routines

Routines are a good way to keep everyone occupied without bothering and getting annoyed by each other. Although school is out, parents can still implement daily routines for children during those hours. It is important to write/draw out time tables for the kids so they can keep track of their schedules. A simple timetable can be as follow:

Instead of having the kids coming over to you every hour asking what they can or should do, this is the time we can encourage kids to be dynamic, creative and independent in choosing what they want to do at home.

I would suggest discussing and making timetable for each member of the household, including yourself and set 'me time' in the schedule so you can enjoy your own down time to unwind and relax. Print it out and paste it somewhere that is visible for everyone.

2. Plan a Family Project Together

Now that you have all the time with your family, it is fun to plan out a family project together. After dinner, take a short 15-30 minutes to discuss what each member wants to do as a family. Create a list of fun things to do together! If you have teenagers at home, watching a new tv series or playing board games can be an enjoyable experience! If you have younger kids, science experiments and baking can be fun!

3. Exercise

No matter how busy and crazy things get at home, remember to sweat it out! Since we can't go to the park and gym, we can still do it indoor. You can find many indoor fitness routines besides Yoga on YouTube. Go check it out and find one that suits you the best. You can even include your partner and kids into exercising together too!

4. Communication is Key!

In challenging and unpredictable times like this, you caught yourself constantly worrying about your family's health, job security, food, bills, and work responsibilities. All these pressure and anxiety may cause friction, disagreement, and misunderstanding with your partner or other family members. You find yourself getting angry and yelling more often than ever.

Do not let negative thoughts and emotions swallow you. It is okay to feel down and discouraged, and do not be afraid to ask for help and support too. Talk to your partner about how you feel every night. Take turns listening and confide with each other. Times like this, kindness and love is essential in any relationship. And as leaders of the family, your kids need your calmness to help get them through this pandemic.

5. Find Joy and Peace in Simple Things

With chaos and pressure, do you know you can still find peace within your daily routine? Simple things like brewing coffee or tea, reading a book, facial routine, hot bath, and watering plants can be calming and peaceful. You can pause and take a break in between to enjoy these simple routines. Don't forget to enjoy some quiet time for yourself because self-care is essential!

5. Be Grateful

Practice gratitude and be thankful with what you currently have as a family. With this pandemic that is happening right now, it is a great time and opportunity for parents to teach kindness to children. Support each other in the process and this too shall pass! We will all get through this together!

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