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Is the pandemic draining your emotional wellbeing?

"You can't pour from an empty cup" - a self-care term we heard one too many times. With the pandemic still going on after a year and a half, we find ourselves asking, "when is this ever going to end? I can't take it much longer."

Whether you're a parent, a sister, an aunt, a friend, a colleague or an employer, we all play a role in supporting each other during these challenging times. And we know there are only so much we can do to offer our help and support to others. Because at the end of the day, we have our wellbeing to take care of too.

We can't help others if we are mentally, emotionally and physically drained. We all have our own self-care cup to fill. It's time we learn to prioritise and be mindful of our wellbeing.

What is a self-care cup?

A self-care cup is how we measure the level of our overall mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

Physical wellbeing

  • Are you getting enough quality sleep?

  • Are you exercising regularly?

  • Are you eating healthily?

  • Is your home environment safe and sanitised regularly?

  • Is your home comfortable for you to practise daily self-care rituals?

Mental wellbeing

  • Are you feeling motivated? (or depressed?)

  • Are you feeling happy and supported? (or isolated and lonely?)

  • Are you able to adapt and cope with changes?

  • Are you feeling grateful for what you currently have?

Emotional wellbeing

  • Are you aware of your feelings and thoughts? Are they positive or negative?

  • Are your thoughts and feelings affecting your daily functioning?

  • When was the last time you had a meaningful social interaction with your loved ones? Have you talked to your friends or family recently?

  • Are you surrounded by positive social circles?

If you find yourself answering mostly "no" or "I don't know" to the above questions, that means your cup is almost drained out, and it's time for you to refill this self-care cup.

In my next article, I'll write on ways you can refill your cup. For now, I would like you to take some time to reflect and draw awareness to your well-being. Go through the above questions again and think of how you want to replenish and recharge yourself. Think of positive thoughts and what you can do to make yourself feel happy and rejuvenated again.

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