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Why Dad Matters: The Impact of Fatherhood on Sons

Dads are the perfect role models for their sons. You're like a superhero to them as they look up to you and learn how to be a great man. The way you show respect and love to women, the way you express and regulate your emotions, as well as your independence and kindness, serve as a learning guide to your sons. Research has shown that sons who grew up under a healthy and strong father-son relationship are likely to be more empathetic, respectful and motivated in life.

Here are six ways to help you become a great dad to a great son.

#1 Be Responsible

Responsibility is a vital character trait that helps men succeed and reach their goals in life. That's why fathers need to teach their sons to be responsible. Be it academic, sports, or social relationships, guide them to take responsibility in their actions, their decisions and their words. A son who knows how to take responsibility will grow up to be a strong, confident and committed men.

#2 How to Respect Women

The best way to teach a son how to treat a woman with respect is through your relationship with your wife or other important female figures in your life, such as mother, aunt or sister. Your son is constantly observing the way you talk to women and how you treat them. That's why you need to set a great example in front of your son. He becomes what he sees and learn.

#3 How to Stand Up for Yourself

Fathers can teach their sons to learn to stand up for themselves. I don't mean encouraging children to get into fights or arguments each time they receive insults or get bully. Instead, teach them how to regulate emotions and learn how to have self-control. Guide them how to fight back appropriately and positively - and that is to teach them to have their own voice and opinions. You can teach him to be firm and strong and to stand up for what is right. Instead of fist and anger, you can guide him to be kind and respectful.

#4 The Lesson to Success and Failure

Teach your son to be a good sport, and that is to win and lose graciously. Board games and sports competition are the best time to give your son lessons about winning and losing. Winners shouldn't be obnoxious, and losers shouldn't be angry. When children win, teach them that success comes with great effort and strategies. And when they lose, guide them to stand back up and try again. There's nothing wrong with making mistakes and fail.

#5 It's Okay to Cry

The phrase "you're a boy, and you can't cry" is a parenting misconception. Our society believes that boys are not allowed to show negative emotions. But that's wrong and unhealthy. Boys, just like girls, have emotions and feelings too, and it is perfectly normal for boys to cry when they are sad. In fact, as fathers, you should encourage your son to express his feelings and allow him to talk about his experiences with you. Open communication is essential in any relationships. This can help sons to be better husbands, fathers and teachers in the future.

#6 Independence

Expose your son to different experiences that promote their independence and critical thinking skills. Teach them how to take care of themselves by learning how to clean, self-groom, cook and other life skills. Give them opportunities to be curious, to explore and take risks, and to be adventurous.

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