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What is Relationship Development Intervention (RDI)?

RDI® is a family-based intervention which focuses on remediating the core deficits of AutismThe goal of this program is to coach parents to build and strengthen a child's dynamic intelligence and make meaningful long-lasting development in relationships as well as the quality of life. 

Learn more about RDI principles here. Below is a step-by-step flow on how to start your RDI journey.


Initial screening

Get a free RDI screening today. All you need is a good internet connection and we're good to go! Email us to schedule a Skype/Facetime/Whatsapp meeting and ask me anything about RDI (Available in English, Chinese, Cantonese)


RDI Assessment (RDA)

RDI Consultant will conduct RDA to learn how parents and child interact. The consultant will then develop an individualised RDI guiding plan to best suit the parents and child's communication ability. 


RDI Consulting

Family Consultation Program will begin after the initial screening and RDA. The consultant will work one-on-one with parents and child. Parents will be taught to apply RDI principles into their daily routines. 

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