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Do you have someone that has recently been diagnosed with Autism and does not know where to go from there? Or do you know someone who has been diagnosed with Autism since young but is still in search of a suitable intervention? Are parents looking to improve their child's quality of life? Read on and you'll find out how you can do that. 


Reality is, there are so many different types of therapies out there, and it is perfectly normal for parents to feel lost and confused about it. You want to find the best intervention for your child but it's just so hard! Choosing the right intervention and treatment plan requires careful consideration of the core deficits of Autism. 

If you have read about the core deficits of Autism, you will know how it affects the thinking brain. Most individuals with ASD experience the loss of growth-seeking mindset aka the dynamic brain







Do you notice that individuals with ASD live in a black and white reality, where there's only right and wrong, and nothing in between? This inflexible and rigid brain will, in turn, impede their motivation to think outside the box and have meaningful relationships with others. Can you imagine living in this fast-paced society with thinking like that? Can they cope with the challenges and problems thrown at them in a natural setting? The answer sadly is no.


Therefore, as parents and guardians, the intervention you choose plays a crucial role in determining whether your child is exercising his dynamic brain (growth mindset) or static brain (fixed mindset).


Many evidence-based therapies today focuses mostly on teaching static skills set in a static environment. Yes, these therapies give you quantitative and immediate results like learning how to read, how to listen to instructions, and how to answer questions. But can they guarantee your child's quality of life in the long term like making new friends, maintaining meaningful relationships with family, and solving real-world problems?


After all, we are living in a dynamic ever-changing world, not a robotic world. We go by each day exercising our dynamic brain, therefore, choosing interventions that promote a growth mindset and dynamic thinking should be every parents' priority. You would want to see your child be able to support themselves in the workplace and have meaningful relationships with others. 


Find out how you can achieve all this through Relationship Development Intervention here.

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